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Madden Productions
Founded September 24, 2016
Founder Quenya McField
Headquarters Easley, South Carolina
Owner Cheesemal
Parent Sugarco

Madden Productions, Inc. (Originally Madden Communcations, Inc. during the planning stages) is a youtube production company that was founded in 2016 by Quenya McField.


Madden was initially established as a spin off of Sugarco. The name was chosen because when launching his company, Quenya said he saw the name somewhere and liked it. Madden was create to produce more personal subjects and stories leaving Sugarco to produce more fun and creative productions.

Also in 2016, Madden Productions launched M*C*W*Y*R Films (an acronym which stands for "Madden Cares Who you are") so it can distrbuite it shows sparate from Sugarco (which its distrubtion division is Viacom)