Smash Compactor Wrestling
Tradeing name SCW
Type Public
Industry Professional wrestling
Founded September 13, 2014
Founders Quenya McField
Headquarters Easley, South Carolina
Area served Worldwide
Key people Quenya McField

(Chairman and CEO)

Products Professional wrestling
Revenue US$ 29.795 billion (2013)

US$ 28.729 billion (2012)

Operating income US$ 6.605 billion (2013)

US$ 5.918 billion (2012)

Net income US$ 3.691 billion (2013)

US$ 2.925 billion (2012)

Total assets US$ 67.994 billion (2013)

US$ 68.089 billion (2012)

Total equity US$ 29.904 billion (2013)

US$ 29.797 billion (2012)

Number of employees 26,000 (Dec 2013)[3]
Subsidiaries SCW Jr.
X Wrestling
Owner Independent
Parent The Alterbeln

Smash Compactor Wrestling (SCW) is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Easley, South Carolina. Founded by Quenya McField, On September 13 ,2014, it is currently the second largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States, usually garnering 1.1 to 1.5 million television viewers in the United States each week. The promotion's parent company is known as The Nelvana Company a mass media Company. in 2017 is was bought out by The Alterbeln and merged with it